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George at the track



George Harrison, the youngest Beatle, was an auto enthusiast and a lifelong racing fan. " All Things Must Pass", George advised us in song. Yesterday, the career of George Harrison passed, as we lost him to cancer. 

Here is our tribute to George Harrison...


Beatle George The youngest Beatle, George was not only a legend in music, but he was also an avid car collector and racing and Formula One fan. 

George and Emerson Fittipaldi had been very good friends since 1973. 

"My earliest memory of a car is a Jaguar XK120 racing a Mercedes-Benz 300SL", he once said.

George was a common sight at Formula One and other racing events. He would have attended more events, but it was hard for him to avoid the publicity. He did not want his presence to be a distraction.

George Harrison knew many of the F1 drivers and executives, including BMW's Gerhard Berger. Asked about the crossover between rock-and-roll and F1, George said:

Gerhard Berger "I have played guitar with Damon (Hill) and Jacques Villeneuve, drums with Eddie Jordan and taught Gerhard Berger the ukelele . . . but the Formula One supergroup I am really in is called FLB with Norbert Haug (Mercedes Motorsport director) on accordion and lederhosen. I hear Max (Mosley, president of the FIA) and Bernie (Ecclestone) are thinking of joining."

arrow Gerhard Berger is a former F1 driver and currently is BMW's Motorsport Director.

Often called the "soul" of the Beatles, George took a personal interest in everyone he met. Before the 2000 Australian Grand Prix, George stopped next to former-BMW driver Jenson Button and wished him good luck. 

Button interview Button said: "I did not know who George was. I had heard of him, of course, but did not know what he looked like. He was a top bloke. Not a bad singer, either." 

arrow Jenson Button when he drove for BMW being interviewed before the 2000 Australian Grand Prix.


Here are some pictures through the years of George and his love of cars ...

posing on motorcycle

I used to go to watch motorcycle racing at Aintree, in Liverpool, and I saw a poster advertising sports car racing. I used to go up to the railway straight at Aintree.

arrow An early picture of George posing on one of the Aintree motorcycles.

60s house

In the psychedelic 60s, George's house is pictured with his "flower power" Mini Cooper.


classic mini

The Mini Cooper out for a drive! Fame, George said, gave you the opportunity to be a little crazy.

American convertible

In a publicity photo, George wanted to be pictured behind the wheel of an American convertible. 

back of Jaguar

My earliest memory of a car is a Jaguar XK120 racing a Mercedes-Benz 300SL.


arrow Here George sits in the back of a Jaguar XKE during the Beatle era.

Best of George Harrison

For the 1976 album "The Best of George Harrison", George posed in front of a chopped Ford roadster. Music includes favorite Beatles tracks and his later recordings.

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