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BMW Safety

BMW Safety Timeline

Here are some major milestone events for BMW's Safety Program:


1999 Dual Stage Deployment for Front Airbags
The system deploys the front airbags depending on crash severity. The airbags are deployed as gently as possible, or as powerful as necessary. The system was introduced in March 1999 with the 5 and 7 Series, and is now available on all 3 Series models as well.


1998 Navigation Mayday System
BMW was the first on the market to offer an automated distress call system with their navigation system. A touch of a button transmits the location of the vehicle and automatically opens up a direct line to a live person at BMW's Roadside Assistance Group for emergency response.


1997 Head Protection System
Entirely concealed behind the headliner, above the front doors and within the A-pillar, the Head Protection System offers increased head protection in side impacts. When deployed, the Head Protection System inflates to become a structural part of the car by forming a straight line diagonally across the side window. When inflated, each unit forms a hollow, flexible, essentially airtight tube about 5 feet long and 5.1 inches in diameter. Introduced with the 1998 7 Series models, it is now also standard equipment on all 5 Series models and 3 Series sedans and coupes.

Rear Side Airbags
An extension of ASAP (Advanced Side Airbag Protection), BMW offers optional side impact protection for the rear passengers. First available with the 1998 7 Series, ASAP is now available as an option on all 5 and 7 Series as well as the new 3 Series sedans and coupes.

Battery Safety Terminal
The battery safety terminal (BST) will avoid short-circuiting of the high amperage starter circuit in an event of a collision. BST is actuated by the air bag control unit and uses a pyrotechnic charge to separate the starter cable from the battery in a crash.



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