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Rinse off the dirt before washing a car. Any dirt that is rubbed into the surface can cause scratches. Dish washing detergents are designed to strip grease and grime, and they will actually strip the wax from your car. Use a product specifically designed for washing cars.

Use a large bucket so the dirt particles sink to the bottom of the container and the fresh suds and water you apply are clean and free of contamination. Or you can use two buckets, one for rinsing and one for the suds.

Make sure your car surface is cool (preferably in the shade) by hosing the entire vehicle. Apply suds to the upper areas first using thick, terry cloth towels or a wash mitt and work your way down. Rinse the car clean by running a slow stream of water instead of a high pressure spray to reduce water spots and drying time. When washing your vehicle by hand, take the time to run your wash mitt along the inside bottom edge of the doors, lift gate, hood and trunk, etc. These areas trap dirt and moisture.

Clean the tires first, then the wheels. Cleaning the wheels, especially those with BMW's high-quality finish, is important since brake dust and road salt can cause irreversible corrosion.

Once the entire vehicle is washed and rinsed, take a clean, dry towel or cloth and wipe the vehicle down, again starting at the top. You can also use a product like a synthetic chamois. Don't use a leather chamois since it can pull oils from the paint and remove the wax.

Genuine Chamois (3.5 Sq. Feet) Genuine Chamois (3.5 Sq. Feet)

Dries any surface without leading spots, streaks, or watermarks. Preferred by car collectors and professional detailers. Also great for polishing silver and jewelry.

"Mr. Thirsty" Super Absorbent Synthetic Towel

The perfect companion for The Original California Water Blade, "Mr. Thirsty" absorbs water like nothing else. It's great for drying those hard-to-squeegee areas like grilles, mirrors, and recessed areas. And because it "drinks" up to 5 times its weight in water, "Mr. Thirsty" doesn't need to be wrung out after every pass. After washing, The Original California Water Blade will dry virtually an entire vehicle in 1/3 the time and without the mess of chamois or towels. Use "Mr. Thirsty" to finish the job quickly and efficiently. "Mr. Thirsty" is also quite handy in the home to clean up spills and many other jobs. Package includes (2) 1-3/4 square foot washable and reusable "Mr. Thirsty" towels. From the makers of the California Water Blade and California Car Duster.

Zymol Natural Concentrated Auto Wash (16 oz.)

Zymol Natural Concentrated Auto Wash (16 oz.)

Here is the solution for the car that needs extra care. Zymol Auto Wash is a combination of pure coconut bark soap and natural fatty oils extract heavy dirt to clean and care for your automobile. More zymöl products...


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