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Bmw Car Cover

We don't care if it's a rusty 1973 Bavaria or a brand new M3, a blue vinyl tarp from the home center does not make an effective BMW Car Cover. In fact, you're doing more harm than good. A cover that doesn't let your paint breathe can actually trap moisture between the paint and the cover, forcing corrosion to set in. And that's exactly why you covered your BMW up in the first place, isn't it? There are special BMW car covers made for outdoor storage, and they will protect your vehicle's finish from the outside and from the inside.

These new BMW car covers are made from a multi-layered material with pores too small to let water pass through from the exterior, but large enough to allow air to flow up from the paint. Pretty neat stuff. And they're ideal for BMWs parked in apartments, condos, or in an outside lot at work. Of course, if you have a garage covering your pride and joy, a light cotton BMW car cover is ideal for keeping the dust and airborne pollutants off your finish. Even inside, a BMW car cover is essential for preventing dulling and scuffing on your paint. So keep your car covered up, and it'll look like new for decades to come.

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