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Click here for info on the 2005 BMW model year changes! You can find pricing for BMW NA models here...

1 Series Interior

The BMW 1 Series comes with five doors, three engines, but just one aim – to set a new standard for its class through unique BMW design and engineering solutions. More...


The BMW X3 combines the best from the X5 and 3 Series for active lifestyles. More...

5 Series Sedan

The next generation BMW 5 Series Sedan is better than ever. More... The BMW M5 has a F1 inspired V-10 engine! More...


Built in the USA, the Z4 is the latest in a long line of stylish BMW roadsters. More...


The BMW X5, the original performance sports vehicle is now available with a 4.8 liter engine. More...

6 Series

The 6er is back! The classic coupe reborn, with a convertible available too! More...

3 Series Sedan

In addition to being BMW’s best-selling line, the 3 Series is for many the “definitive BMW.” More...


BMW’s ultimate sport machine, the M3, has the same spirited performance in 2005. More...

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