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Model information for your 2002 BMW car!

Click here for info on the current BMW models!

MINI Cooper S Reviving a 50 year tradition, BMW's new MINI Cooper S may be the hottest small car on the planet. More...

M3 Introduced in 2001, BMW's current generation M3 is the ultimate sports sedan. More...

5 series new interior The 2002 5 Series models for the German market includes the Luxury, Lifestyle or Sport editions, with new exterior colors and new interior trims.

2002 7 Series The next generation 2002 7 Series E65 model was introduced at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt.

BMW Z3 The BMW Z3 roadster is available in Roadster, Coupe and M configurations.

Clubsport Package The BMW Clubsport package is available for all 3 Series Coupe versions with straight-six engines.

BMW prices for the 3 Series lineup for 2002 in Germany.

Price summary for USA for 2002 Model Year:

  • 325i and 321xi sedan start at $27,100 and $28,850 respectively
  • 325i and 325xi sport wagon start at $29,500 and $31,250 respectively
  • 325Ci coupe starts at $29,100
  • 325Ci convertible starts at $36,100
  • M3 coupe starts at $45,900
  • M3 convertible starts at $53,900
  • 525i sedan starts at $35,950
  • 525i sport wagon starts at $37,750
  • 530i sedan starts at $39,450
  • 540iA sedan starts at $51,200
  • 540i sport wagon starts at $53,600
  • M5 starts at $69,900
  • Z8 starts at $130,000
  • The new X5 4.6is starts at $66,200
  • No price increase for 330 models
  • No price increase for any Z3 models including the M coupe and M roadster
  • No price increase on the 540i 6-speed
  • No price increase on the X5
  • Pricing for all options is unchanged from 2001
  • Euro delivery pricing has increased approximately $100 from 2001 levels


  • A new model will be launched, the 318 Ci Convertible. Not available in some markets.

  • There is a new front-end design for the 3 Series Sedan and Touring models featuring:

    • New kidney grille
    • Lower front and rear valance
    • New headlight and indicator design
    • Side repeater indicator light

  • The Sedan model (only) will get a new rear end light cluster. There will be no styling changes for the Coupe and Convertible models.

  • There will be more responsive steering for all 3 Series models. This is in response to consumer and press complaints that the 2001 model year 3 Series' steering was too light and lacking in feel.

  • Suspension settings will be revised for all 3 Series models.

  • Air conditioning will be now standard on all non-SE 3 Series 4-cylinder models (except the 316ti Compact).

  • There will be some new interior trims and three new exterior colors.

  • All 3 Series 6-cylinder models will have Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) as standard equipment.

  • New 16-inch alloy wheels are standard on 4-cylinder SE models of the Sedan, Touring and Compact.

  • A new wide-screen on-board monitor has the ability to display navigation info in split screen mode so you can read the direction and see a map simultaneously.

  • The rain sensor option has been upgraded with light beam control to automatically activate the lights when it becomes dark. No more turning on the lights manually when going through a tunnel.

  • The action of the Steptronic transmission has been redesigned so that pushing the lever forward will now result in changing down a gear (rather than up).


Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG):

  • SMG is a clutch-less manual 5-speed transmission that is operated by two paddles behind the steering wheel or via the gearshift lever. 

  • SMG will be available as optional equipment for the 325i and 330i Sedan and Coupe models. 

  • SMG should be available by the end of the year for Euro models; however, there are no current plans for SMG on US models except the M3.


318 Model:

  • All 318i models use the new 2-liter 4-cylinder Valvetronic engine produced at the Hams Hall engine plant in the UK. Features:

    • Engine produces 143 hp and 200 Nm of torque
    • Electronic throttle butterfly
    • Fully variable valve lift
    • 16% improvement in fuel economy
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions
    • Increase of power by 21 percent
    • 45.3 mpg (combined EU cycle)

  • The new 318 Ci Convertible will also use the 143 hp Valvetronic engine.

  • The retail price for the 318 Ci Convertible is L24,845 in the UK.


320d Model:

  • The 320d (diesel) model for Sedan, Touring and Compact has common rail fuel injection. Other specs:
    • 150 hp 
    • 330 Nm of torque
    • 51.4 mpg (combined EU cycle)
    • 5 speed automatic transmission

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