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The 5 Series E28 model was launched in 1983.

The E28 was BMW's replacement for the E12 5 Series.


The 3 Series E30 model was launched in 1982.

E30 M3

The E30 was BMW's replacement for the E21 3 Series.


The 7 Series was launched in 1977 with the introduction of the E23.


The E23 was introduced in May 1977 and was BMW's replacement for the E3 2500-3.3Li New Six models.


The 6 Series was born in 1976 with the introduction of the E24.

BMW 6 Series

The successor to the E9 3.0CSi coupe, the 6 Series E24 sport coupes were produced starting in March 1976.

1984's Events
The first European models with catalytic converters appear.

BMW Technik GmbH is founded.

The Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to use a computer mouse and GUI interface, is introduced by Apple Computer corporation in a Super Bowl commercial evoking images from George Orwell's book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

1984 in film: Amadeus, Ghost Busters, The Killing Fields, Places in the Heart and  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The 1984 Winter Olympics open in Saravejo while the 1984 Summer Olympics are held in Los Angeles, California. The Soviet Union announces that it will boycott the Summer Olympics as a response to the USA boycott of 1980.


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