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The 3 Series was born in 1975 with the introduction of the E21.


The 320i with the M10 engine was offered as a premium E21 model. Its 1990cc M10 had K-Jetronic injection and developed 129 hp.

Launched in 1972 with the 520i, the 5 Series was expanded for 1976.


In 1974, BMW introduced the 518 in Europe, Australia and other markets using the four-cylinder 1800cc engine. In the USA, six cylinder engines were used for the 530 (carbureted) and 530i (injected) models.

The New Six product line in 1976 featured the 3.0S, 3.0Si, and 3.3Li models.


The 3.0 CSi was the fuel-injected version of the 3.0CS.

With a bigger bore, the original engine grew to 3 liters. The Euro version had 180 hp, but the US model only 170 hp, due to emissions requirements.



The ads called it "Bavarian Cream". The press called it one of the best cars in the world. The 3.0 range made its debut at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show.

Introduced at the time of a worldwide fuel crisis, the 1502 - the last of the New Class models - was only available in Europe.


1976's Events
American Bicentennial is held on July 4 with massive fireworks displays in New York, Washington and other American cities.The first commercial Concorde flight, thanks to Air France and British Airlines.

Winter Olympic Games are held in Innsbruck, Austria, and Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada.

A little known company named Micro Soft is officially registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New Mexico and Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Filming begins on George Lucas' Star Wars science fiction film. In one of the best business decisions in film history, Lucas cuts his directing fee to gain ownership of merchandising and sequel rights.

Fleetwood Mac records Rumours, which will be a blockbuster album in 1977, and The Eagles release one of the biggest-selling albums of all time, Hotel California.


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