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Castle at Wartburg
BMW Classics

Built at Eisenach, the Wartburg Roadster

An attractive chassis design for the BMW Dixi mini-car was presented in 1930 with the sporty, two-seat Wartburg





3/15 Wartburg Roadster

3/15 Wartburg Roadster

The tapered rear portion drew high praise, being reminiscent of the sports cars and racing vehicles of the time.

From a technical point of view, this model differed little from the normal BMW 3/15 models. An altered cylinder head allowed a higher compression ratio of 7:1 instead of 5.6:1. The intake manifold was made of copper pipe and the exhaust was diverted through two pipes. 

These measures produced an increased power output of 3 horsepower at an additional 500 crankshaft revolutions per minute.



Although only 150 copies of this model were produced, the Wartburg Roadster contributed greatly to the popularity of the young automobile maker, BMW. 

The little roadster rapidly gained a foothold in sporting events and produced a triple BMW victory in the 750 cc class in July 1930 at the Eifel races at the Nurburgring. The well-known German racer, Bobby Kohlrausch, took 2nd place.



Engine: 4-cylinder
Valve linkage: side-valve
Displacement: 748 cc
Bore x stroke: 56 mm x 76 mm
Power output: 18 horsepower at 3500 rpm
Gearbox: 3 forward, 1 reverse
Wheel suspension: Front: rigid axle
Rear: leaf spring
Foot brake: Mechanical; four-wheel
Hand brake: Cable-operated brake, rear wheels
Tires: 4.00 x 19
Wheelbase: 76.2 inches
Overall dimensions: 124 x 46 x 52 in.
Weight: 902 lbs.
Top speed: 54 mph
Year of construction: 1930-31
Number of vehicles produced: 150


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