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The Original M Car



Timeless design, powerful engine, great exhaust note, superior brakes, a tiger on the track...only 450 built!



Warhol M1

Andy Warhol's
M1 Art Car


A great shot of an M1 by the Golden Gate Bridge


The rarest of modern BMWs was manufactured from 1979 to 1980 by Baur using an Italian made space frame chassis based on the 1972 Turbo concept car. 

The M1 was the first car produced by BMW Motorsport. Originally released in 1978, the M1 experienced production and homologation problems that kept it from international competition until the car was no longer competitive. First shown at the Paris Motor Show, the M1 was discontinued in 1981.

The Giugiaro-designed M1 was to be assembled by Lamborghini, but Lamborghini's poor financial situation and assembly delays caused BMW to move assembly to Baur, the German convertible builders. By the time production resumed, the homologation rules for international Group 5 racing had been changed. Since BMW had not met the required sales figures, the M1 went to the new Procar series instead. By the time BMW had sold enough cars, the M1 was no longer competitive for Group 5 racing. In 1981, David Coward and Kenper Miller won the IMSA GTO category.

M1 Engine

 The M1 had the 3.5 liter straight six that powered BMW sedans.

With a 24-valve cylinder head, the engine had 277 hp at 6500 rpm and develops 239 ft/lb of torque at 5000 rpm. Several racing versions exist with power outputs of up to 850hp.

The M1 was all Italian in look and feel, but had a big BMW engine wailing from the back. As one writer puts it, "the sensation of having that twin-cam six just behind your head is hard to describe-it's like extra bass, but without the 12-inch woofers." Only a handful of road versions of the M1 exist.



M1 Road Car

Cylinders: 6 in-line, mid mounted
Capacity: 3453cc
Power: 277hp @ 6500rpm
Torque: 243lb @ 5000rpm
Weight: 3175lb
Max Speed: 162mph
Acceleration: 0-100kmh(62mph) in 5.6sec
Fuel Consuption: 14.4mpg
Front Wheels/Tires: Alloy 7x16 205/55 VR16
Rear Wheels/Tires: Alloy 8x16 225/50 VR 16
Engine Mangement System: Kugelfischer-Bosh Mechanical injection

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