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Nicknamed the "rolling egg", the BMW 250, 300, 600 and Isetta cars were designed at a time when cheap, short distance transportation was needed.

BMW Isetta 250, 1955
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In classic understatement, BMW ads for the USA called the car "a new conception in vehicle design."

Elvis Isetta
Elvis singing in his Isetta

The cars have a one-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine with a 4-speed transmission. The top speed is 53 mph, and it gets 63 miles per gallon. 

In 1958 you could buy one for $1,093.


Places for Parts

The BMW Mobile Tradition CD has every part for the Isetta with pictures and BMW part numbers.

Enthusiast Sites

Featured Sites

The Microcar and Minicar Club home page has links, facts and pictures of lots of small cars. Features the BMW Isetta 300 and BMW 600.

BMW Dave's Isetta has a 300 and a 600, with lots of info and pictures.

Bob Nelson has a 1958 Isetta. Click here to download a cutout of a BMW Isetta.

Isetta Owners Club of Great Britain aims to build camaraderie between owners by sponsoring events, a newsletter and forums. Helps owners find spare parts and technical tips. Click here for archives from the Isetta Gazette Magazine.

BMW Isetta and other Little Cars features a 1956 BMW Isetta 300 Bubble window and lots of links.

Isetta Internet and other Micros features a 1961 BMW Isetta 300 and lots of links and other features. Has some great Isetta animated gif's. Click here for into on an Isetta workshop manual. Isetta posters of the ads used on this page are also available.

Isetta Online in German has many facts, some pictures and links to other sites. Has some great detail pictures and unique images.

The Isetta Page has some history, facts, German promotional pictures and links.

Microcar Club in Wales features BMW's like the Isetta and other small cars.

Yug's Isetta Page or what I've learned about Isetta's has facts and a story of a rebuild. Has links to great pictures and ads.

The world's most modified Isetta from the Car Connection.

Isetta History is an article by by Leslie Roberts.

Pictures of a BMW Isetta 300 with an open door can be found here.

Gilles Pujol's has a 1956 Isetta Velam.

Isetta Racing has "baby bimmers" on track.

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