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BMW 507

BMW 507

The design inspiration for the Z8 

  One of the most beautiful roadsters ever built, the 507 was inspired by Max Hoffmann and designed by Albrecht von Goertz.


BMW 507

BMW 507

BMW 507

BMW 507

BMW 507

BMW 507



Who were these men? Remember, in the 1950's, BMW was still struggling to recover from the war years and seeking to re-establish itself as a builder of great automobiles. Max Hoffmann was America's biggest import car dealer at the time, with close ties to BMW. Hoffman supplied the inspiration for the 507 as well as the designer, Albrecht von Goertz.

Elvis 507
Elvis receives the keys to his BMW 507

Albrecht von Goertz, a German born, American resident industrial designer, was also the man who designed for Studebaker, the BMW 503 and later, the Datsun 240Z. One of his prototypes was also the design basis for the Toyota 2000GT coupe, and he had a hand in the design of the Porsche 911.

The 507's beautiful light alloy bodywork was attached to a strong frame, and the power unit was the then new 150 hp V8 of the 502 3.2-liter super, with an additional 10 hp. 

The BMW 507 had its debut at the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show, where it was the undisputed star. When the first 507's were eventually delivered to customers in November of 1956, they came with a hefty price tag, which limited sales to only 252 units. Elvis Presley bought one of the cars.

507 ad: Things that Fly!

Unlike the 503's column-mounted shift lever, the 507 had a floor-mounted lever to operate the four-speed gearbox ("four on the floor"). 

The 507 was produced in two production runs; Series 1 and Series 2. The Series 2 cars had an updated dashboard. Also, the rear bulkhead was moved back slightly to provide more luggage space behind the seats. 42 Series 1 and 210 Series 2 cars were built in the four years the 507 was in production. 

Had BMW been able to reduce production costs, there would undoubtedly have been more 507 sales. It has been said that BMW lost money on every 507 made!

Today, the 507 is one of BMW's most sought after collectors cars, as well as the design inspiration for the Z8.

Enthusiast Sites

Web Sites

Wallpaper of classic BMW cars.

Une BMW mythique is a multi-page photo essay of the 507 in French.

BMW Germany web site has info, specs and pictures. The same page from BMW Japan in Japanese. 

Classic Driver UK article on the 507.

Then and Now article comparing the 507 and the Z8.

The John Surtees 507 describes a 507 "gift" from BMW to one of the world's best race car drivers. John Surtees was the 1964 Formula 1 world champion and seven times world motorcycle champion.

Like the 328, the 507 was also one of the nominees for Car of the Century.

507 page from the BMW V-8 Club in Germany.

1957 Pearl White BMW 507 displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Beverly Hills, California, USA. 

This BMW was built for designer Raymond Loewy for his personal use by Pichon et Parat of Sens, France. It was one of a series of experimental vehicles Loewy created to study ideas for possible incorporation into production vehicles. It embodied the simplified form he predicted would establish a trend. His influence was later evident in the appearance of the Studebaker Avanti.

Albrecht Goertz, who once worked for Loewy, was told; "Goertz, you will never become a designer. You would do better to find yourself a rich wife."

Supercars has a picture of a 1956 BMW 507 with specifications.

GSK's Bimmer Page has a picture and information from the book BMW's Roadster History by BMW Mobile Tradition.

1958 BMW 507 Roadster is Chassis # 70096, sold new in Caracas, Venezuela, and displayed in the New York Auto Salon for Auction.

BMW Car Club, Norway has info and a rotating photo of the 507. The 507 transitions into a Z3!

Exclusiv Cars has info and showroom pictures.

507 Photos from a French site featuring classic cars from several manufacturers.

Classic Cars Page on BMW has a 507 along with other makes.



BMW Mini  Models is a catalog of virtually every BMW model made. There is a picture of each model. Includes several 507's.

BMW Online Lifestyle Collection has 507 accessories including polo shirts, heritage tee shirts, a souvenir tin plate, a collectible roadster set, and a limited edition print.

BMW 507 Touring Sport Cabrio by Revell Germany from eToys.

1957 BMW 507 Blue Special Edition Die-Cast Collectible. From the UK.

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