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La Carrera Panamericana is an historic vintage car race in Mexico. The original Carrera Panamericana was run in the years when the Baroque Angel was cruising the Autobahn, from 1950-1954. The car race was sponsored by the Mexican government as a way of publicizing the new system of paved roads that ran the length of the country, with over 3000 km of public highways.

The race runs from the US to the Guatemalan borders through the heart of Mexico

The race was revived in 1988, and every year since racers from around the world compete in cars built to resemble the original entrants. Your car must have been built before 1965 to compete, and their are several classes of competition. The event is run in a pro-rally format, with most of the mileage done under TSD rally conditions and 3-4 unlimited speed sections per day. The race is decided by cumulative times for the speed sections.

BMW V-8 Engine
BMW's first V-8 engine was a lightweight aluminum alloy. It powered the Baroque Angels.
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Terry Sayther Automotive made and raced the first BMW to complete this historic race. We first ran across Terry as THE place to install an E34/E36 M50 engine in an E30 3 Series car.

But Terry also collects, restores and races BMW's from all eras, and his modification of the BMW 502 to race in La Carrera Panamericana is a truly remarkable story.



BMW 2600L Baroque Angel.

BMW 502 info, pictures and links.

BMW 501 model info, pictures and links.

More 1950s cars.

Terry Sayther's story of the 2002 La Carrera Panamericana race. You'll find the story of the race, pictures and videos in QuickTime format.

How Terry and his crew obtained and prepared his BMW 502 racer. You can learn a lot of tips from how they were able to prepare the BM2 502 for the extraordinary conditions in Mexico.

Enjoy the music of Pink Floyd and La Carrera Panamericana in this unique video.

The history of the race from 1950 to 1954 in Spanish with pictures. How important was this race? Just consider the fact that Juan Manuel Fangio, the world's greatest driver, won the race in 1953.

La Carrera Spirit

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