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BMW 502

The Baroque Angel

Introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1954, the 502 featured a light-metal 2.6 liter V-8.








The 500 Series cars of the Fifties were nicknamed "Baroque Angels" because their flowing lines reminded people of the carved wooden figures of the Baroque period.

In 1954, BMW introduced the BMW 502 Sedan at the Geneva Auto Show.

The new Sedan featured BMW's new light-metal 2.6 liter V-8, the most modern of its day and Germany's first eight since the War.

The 502, although available in sedan, coupe and cabriolet, was never produced in great numbers. The starting price of DM 17,800 (at a time when a teacher could earn DM 200-300 per month) might explain that. Later, the 502 got a new, big bore 3.2 liter V8.

Click here for a photo of the classic 502 on display at the BMW Museum.

Enthusiast Sites

BMW 502 competes in La Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico.

BMW 2600L Baroque Angel.

BMW 502 info from BMW Australia. Has a portrait and technical specifications.

Bouma's BMW 502 Page has pictures of engines and much more.

BMW 501/502 book, " Bound for the Economic Miracle". The first postwar BMW followed in its predecessors' tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. The history of this sedan (with the only Germany V8 engine of the time). Popularly known as the "Baroque Angel", can be relived in this fascinating addition to the BMW Profile series. In German only.

The BMW 502 was featured in a Spot the Car contest. Less than half got it right!

BMW Online has a strictly limited edition of 100 of a beautiful, solid .925 sterling silver 502 Cabriolet in 1:43 scale. Hand polished to lustrous finish, this collector's item is a masterpiece of the art of silver smithery. Please remember that quantities are strictly limited. 

BMW 502 page from the Veteran Club in Germany.

502 page from the BMW V-8 Club in Germany.

BMW 502 page in Spanish has some technical data and pictures.

BMW 502 Coupe page from Motorbase in the UK has a picture and some technical data.

BMW Information BMW 502 has a little info and a couple of pictures.

Les BMW 501 et 502 de 1952 1954 page in French has info and pictures.

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