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An upgrade to the 2002ti, the tii had a larger track, H-rated Michelin XAS tires, wider wheels and bigger brakes. Aside from the rare 2002 Turbo model, the 2002tii is considered by many to be the most desirable '02 produced by BMW.



The BMW 2002tii was the high-performance version of the BMW 2002. The BMW 2002tii was produced to satisfy demand for more performance from the '02 line and it delivered with mechanical fuel-injection, wider wheels and bigger brakes.

2002tii shown with oversized bumpers for the US market

Launched in 1971, the 2002 tii used the same, elegant bodyshell of its two-door relations. And although the shape was quite familiar by the mid-70s, it hadn't lost its appeal and still managed to look fresh. The slender roof pillars, large glass areas and overall dimensions gave an impression of light weight and athletic ability. And the looks weren't deceiving because the 2002 was nothing if not quick and light on its feet.

The interior continued the theme with a low scuttle and an airy feel, despite the black plastic used for the dashboard. A standard tachometer backed up the theory that this was a proper driver's car. The grille was painted black and much of what would have been chrome on other cars was either painted or finished in stainless steel for a satin look, a style that was carried on in the early M3 and M5 models.

Power came from a two-liter four-cylinder; a capacity that was considered at the time quite large for such a small car. Even today, two-liters seems a lot of engine for something with the 2002 body style's dimensions.

For the gearbox, a "four-on-the-floor" 4-speed, floor-shifted manual transmission with Borg-Warner synchromesh was standard equipment and a 5-speed ZF was optional.

The tii featured independent suspension all round and roll-bars front and rear.

The tii model lasted until September 1975, when it was phased out and the first generation 3-Series took over. And if you take a hard look at the first 3-Series, you'll see more than a hint of the 2002 in the way the window line, bonnet and general proportions work.

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BMW 2002tii


BMW 2002tii




The BMW 2002tii featured a unique fuel injection, larger brakes and tires, fully independent suspension and a clock on the dashboard.

The Kugelfischer fuel injection system is what makes the tii special and gives it it's combination of midrange torque and top end power. The Kugelfischer uses an engine-driven pump to pressurize the fuel and inject it behind the intake valves.

The most desirable of all US tii's are the 121/121TI head equipped 1972 tii's. The tii has a larger diameter (23mm vs. 20mm) master cylinder, and a longer brake booster, 6 inches in length and 7 inches in diameter.

BMW 2002tii   BMW 2002tii   BMW 2002tii
  BMW 2002tii   BMW 2002tii  

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Under the car, the tii has larger front brake discs, measuring 10.08 inches in diameter vs. 9.45 for the standard 2002. These are accompanied by larger calipers and pads, as well as larger hubs and spindles. The rear drums are the same size as a normal '02, but the wheel cylinders are larger (17mm vs. 15mm). In the rear, the trailing arms of the tii are boxed, for increased stiffness compared to the standard C-section.

Inside the car, there is a clock located on the left most end of the parcel tray.

On the rear of the car, above the right taillight, is the 2002tii emblem or badge. On original '72-'73 tii's the wheels are 1/2 inch wider. This width is added onto the outside of the wheel, resulting in wheel covers that appear to be set in further than they actually are.





BMW Automotive Repair Manual : BMW 1500/1502/1600/1602/2000 Touring/2002 : 1959 Thru 1977 by Peter G. Strasman, John Harold Haynes 

BMW 1500-2002, 1962-1977 : A Documentation by Walter Zeichner 

The 96 page, hard cover book is 10 1/2" x 7 5/8" and contains color and black and white photos, drawings, charts, and catalog facsimiles. Each classic model is presented in its historic and developmental aspects. 

BMW '02 Restoration Guide by Mike MacCartney.

BMW 1600/2, 2002, 2002A, 2002TI & 2002TII, range: 1967-1973; workshop maintenance & repair manual

BMW 1800 1964-70 autobook; workshop manual for all models of the BMW 1800 1964-70 by Kenneth Ball

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