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The ad has a picture of the engine with dual side draft carburetors.



Introduced in 1964, the BMW 1800 Ti/SA was a refined road car as well as a serious racer with many victories, including the Spa 24 Hours race. Only 200 models were built and only 25 were exported to the USA.



The BMW 1800 Ti/SA was the high-performance version of the BMW 1800 Ti, offered to a limited clientele. The BMW 1800 Ti/SA was produced to satisfy demand for a top performance car that could also be used every day on the road.

TISA on the Track

The standard engine for the BMW 1800 Ti/SA was the BMW 1800 Ti 4-cylinder engine. With a reworked head, new camshaft, dual side draft Weber 45 DCOE carburetors and an increased compression ratio of 9.5:1 the BMW 1800 Ti/SA produced 130 DIN (150 SAE) horsepower. As an option, you could also get a "tuned" version from BMW with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 and producing 150 DIN (180 SAE) horsepower!

1800 TI/SA
Dual side draft Weber 45 DCOE carburetors

The Ti/SA had a top speed of 125 mph and a 0-60 time of 9.4 seconds.

Sold mostly to racers, for homologation only 200 models were built, from February to June of 1965. Look for VIN numbers from 995000 to 995200. More...



Best Sedan ad

"...for the person who wants to get there with snap but completely unnoticed."




While the main difference between the 1800 Ti and the 1800 Ti/SA was the engine, BMW made other improvements to handle the extra performance of the Ti/SA.

The Ti/SA featured an all-synchronized five-speed gearbox. The gear ratios were excellent with first going to 31 mph, second to 60, third to 80, fourth to 100 and fifth to the top speed of 125 mph. The Getrag five-speed gearbox was the first on a postwar BMW.

BMW used special racing brake pads on the 10.5 inch front disc brakes. Some models had 4-wheel disc brakes, while other models had rear drum brakes. German Dunlop S.P. tires were available in either 550 x 14 or 600 x 14 sizes. Unlike the BMW 1800 Ti, there were no bumpers or wheel covers on the Ti/SA. Weighing in at 2320 lbs., the Ti/SA had an impressive weight to horsepower ratio of 15.5, especially when compared to the 30.4 ratio of the 1500.

The interior of the BMW 1800 TI/SA

In the interior, from supplier Raystall BMW provided an oversized bucket seat for the driver with ample side protection. As one reviewer noted, "the high sides give excellent support for the rapid cornering that the BMW does so easily." For better vision, the tachometer was a separate unit and it extended out from the dashboard towards the driver. A sporty, wooden steering wheel was supplied on many TISA's.

Closeup of the Raystall seat,
forerunner of the M contour seat





BMW Automotive Repair Manual : BMW 1500/1502/1600/1602/2000 Touring/2002 : 1959 Thru 1977 by Peter G. Strasman, John Harold Haynes 

BMW 1500-2002, 1962-1977 : A Documentation by Walter Zeichner 

The 96 page, hard cover book is 10 1/2" x 7 5/8" and contains color and black and white photos, drawings, charts, and catalog facsimiles. Each classic model is presented in its historic and developmental aspects. 

BMW '02 Restoration Guide by Mike MacCartney.

BMW 1600/2, 2002, 2002A, 2002TI & 2002TII, range: 1967-1973; workshop maintenance & repair manual

BMW 1800 1964-70 autobook; workshop manual for all models of the BMW 1800 1964-70 by Kenneth Ball

October 2003 AutoInc. Cover Car

AutoInc. Cover October 2003

Only 200 of this special racing model 1800 Ti/SA BMW were produced between 1964-66, and only 25 were imported to the United States.

This silver 1965 model features dual Weber carburetors, racing seats, roll-bar, high rpm tach, lightweight body, and engine upgrades that allow 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds, and a top speed of more than 125 mph.

Owner Pat deWitt restored the car in 1995 and has raced the car at the Monterey (California) historic races. The car was photographed with BMW factory race cars for a publicity poster that saw worldwide distribution.

Click here for more books!


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BMW 1800 Ti/SA

2002 History and Resource Page has info about the 1800. Click here for the 02 History page with an excellent timeline.

BMW 1500 - 2000 tii page from the 02 club in Germany has info on early models, including the 1800.

Neue Klasse Sedans has a media page with 1800tisa road tests.

BMW 1800ti Racing features the 1800ti racer with photos and more.

Ray Korman: Owner Ray Korman has competed in BMW sedan racing since his purchase in 1964 of one of the first BMW 1800 Ti sedans sold in the United States.

In his first professional racing he won two national championships in Southeast Asia, first in his 1800 TISA, then in an FIA Group 5 2002 prepared by Yontrakit Motors in Bangkok.

"My first BMW, a 1964 1800 TISA four door sedan regularly beat the performance sport cars of its day in autocrosses: E-Jaguars, Lotus Elans, Corvettes, MG Twin Cams, Porsche Super 90's, and more than a few 911's! Along with very minor engine changes, a good suspension package, wider wheels and tires, and a close ratio gearbox, my most effective "speed secret" was the change to a 4.75 gear set!"


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