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The E38 was introduced in August 1994 replacing the E32 seven series. The E65 is the current model.

The 750iL is the top of the line. It has a 5.4 liter engine and delivers 10% more power and torque than the older 5.0. Most E38s have a V-8 engine. Early models were 3.0 (Europe only) and 4.0 liter. In 1996 these became 3.5 (again Europe only) and 4.4. Although the 4.4 delivers the same power as the 4.0, the 4.4 has slightly more torque and greater flexibility throughout the rev range. The newer V8s feature more advanced electronics as well. US owners can buy the 740i with a sport pack. In Europe the cars tend to have a choice of two suspension settings as factory options.

Almost all 7 Series models are automatic with a five speed adaptive transmission. The iL models have an extra 140mm of wheel base, which provides more rear leg room. The 2.8 six cylinder M52 is the same as that used in the E36 328i and E39 528i. In 1999 the 3.0 and 4.0 V8 diesels were introduced in Europe. The 4.0 produces a huge 413 lb/ft of torque at only 1750rpm yet still returns almost 30 mpg. These diesels have two electrically adjustable turbos, a first for BMW. Fuel is delivered at a pressure of about 20,000 PSI using a common rail system.

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navigation system and TV 1997 BMW 740iL Navigation Monitor

You could be one of the very few BMW owners that received the TV Tuner package together with their BMW Navigation System. It was mostly installed on 1997 740iL models. Watching TV in the front monitor is blocked in the USA. If you do have this feature, with some simple modifications, you can watch TV on the front factory screen!

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