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3 Series

Finely tuned E36's!


Model History

The 3 series E36 was introduced at the end of 1990. The first available models were the 316i, 318i, 320i and 325i. 

The 316i was not available in the USA. The six cylinder models all had a new 24-valve engine, taken from the E34 5 Series.

In 1991, the 325td (Turbo Diesel) was released in Europe and other countries. 

In 1992, the new E36 Coupe was introduced. There were 3 models available; the 318is, 320i and 325i. The 318is featured a 16-valve, four-cylinder engine. 

In 1993, the E36 Convertible was finally released. The M40 four-cylinder was replaced with a new, M43 four-cylinder engine. The 316i Coupe and the 325tds Sedan were also released. 

In 1994, three E36 Compacts were introduced; the models 316i, 318ti, and the 318tds, with a four-cylinder diesel engine. The 316i and 318tds models were not available in the USA.

In 1995, the Touring or Sport Wagon model was introduced. The Touring was available as the 318i, 320i, 328i, 318tds and 325tds models. Only the 320i and 328i models were imported to the USA.

In 1996, a 318is Sedan was introduced, and finally, in 1997, a 316i Touring and a 323ti Compact were released. The E36 Convertible, the last of the model run, was discontinued in 1999.


BMW 3 Series: Service Manual: 1992-1998
Robert Bentley / Paperback / Robert Bentley Publishers / May 1999

This Bentley Manual is the only comprehensive, single source of service information and specifications available for BMW 3-Series cars from 1992-1998. Whether you're a professional technician or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual will help you understand, maintain, and repair every system on 3-Series cars.


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BMW E36 Audio System Upgrades pdf document.

325tds touring BMW Page has information and pictures of the 325tds touring, including BMW factory and brochure pictures.

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Wheel alignment uses the BMW E36 as an example.

E36 Rollcage Install.

Bmer's Website showcases his car and all of its modifications and resulting power increases.

Dan Lai's supercharged 325i, some terrific performance links,  and a great page on the 1998 Lafayette (California) Concours.

BOB Individual BMW has pictues of E36's.

Eric's BMW page has lots of pictures of E36 cars, sorted by color.

Gun Phisitvanich's E36 325is has a great photo and a table of mods, with prices.

Kendrick's 328iS describes mods, has links. is the site to come to for forced induction on E36 BMWs. Its here to try and give you all the information that you need and want about a turbo or supercharger for you E36 BMW.

Michael Thompson's E36 describes microfilter replacement.

Mill's e36 325 page has info about E36 325, modification, performance, pictures

Niklas & Lindas BMW page is a site with pictures of a tuned BMW E36. In Sweedish. Has downloads.

The BMW Enthusiast's Page has some good catalogue links and photos.

Mehdi's E36 House focuses on the E36.

BMW E36 photos showcases tuner cars.

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