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The E34 first appeared as a four door coupe, and the majority or cars were produced in this style. In 1992 a sport wagon or "touring" version was introduced with a double sunroof option. Four wheel drive was available in some countries with the 525iX sedan and touring. These models used the same drive train as the E30 325iX.

The car appeared much more streamlined than the older E28, but not overly round like some of its competitors. The front grill was a reminder of the great E30 three series. Despite looking larger than the E28, the new E34 was only about 5% heavier and it had an even stiffer body, improving the car's handling.

The glorious M5 was the Motorsport division's chance to show what the E34 could really do. The 24 valve 3.5 and later 3.8 liter sixes produced 300 hp, with handling improvements to match.

In 1995 the front grill of the E34 was updated slightly, the one significant external change in almost ten years.


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AutoSpeed review. First released in May 1989, the all-new E34 5-series was praised for its handsome shape which retained much of the style and sophistication of the top-line 7-series but with less bulk and a more sporty appeal.

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BMW 525td-E34 specifications.

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BMW E34 from in Australia.

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