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The 8 and 12 cylinder BMW 8 Series cars are some of the most beautiful sports coupes ever built. Find out more here about these magnificent machines! 

The E31 was introduced to replace the six series, a car which had been in production from 1976 to 1989. The 850i was at least 50% more expensive and had a 5.0 liter V12 instead of the 3.5 inline six used by its predecessor. The 850i was BMW's challenger in the top end of the luxury coupe market. The 850i was introduced in 1990 and was phased out in 1999. The 840 was introduced in 1992 and made until 1999. The E31 was the first BMW to have the Z axle rear suspension, Multi-Information Display (MID), traction control, dynamic stability control, electrically adjustable shock absorbers, and more. The 850CSi was the top of the line. It had a 5.6 V12, courtesy of the Motorsport department. The E31 was introduced with the 5.0 V12 from the E32 750i. In 1992 the 4.0 V8 was introduced. The 4.4 which replaced it had the same power output but more torque.

There is a mailing list for owners of the exquisite BMW E31 (all the 8-series models), moderated by Mr. Paul Michael Brown. If you want to join this list, mail Paul Michael Brown , introducing yourself and your E31.

There is also a CSi registry, maintained by Steve Castle who wants you to register your CSi. Send him an e-mail and he will reply to you with details on how to register.

Click here for more 8 Series. Want to see the new 8 Series? Check out the latest rumors!

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