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Diecast Models

Diecast Model Car Manufacturers

Links to several diecast miniatures manufacturers' web sites.

Anson Industries is a diecast manufacturer with a web site that pictures a 1/18 scale BMW M 635 CSi Group A (the same #8 car that the BMW Lifestyle Catalog offers in 1/43 scale) new to the Racing Series; four 1:18 scale BMW diecasts in the Euro Series.

BMW 2002, 2002 Turbo, 635 CSi street version, and X5; & a 1/43 scale X5 from Anson.

Diecast manufacturer Kyosho's web site shows photos of 1:18 versions of 8 Minis, an X5, a 328Ci, a Z8, and the #15 BMW V12 LMR that won Le Mans in 1999. (Note: Kyosho makes the outstanding 1/18 scale silver Z8 diecast sold by your local BMW dealer, but BMW's list is $55 while your local hobby store's Kyosho catalog lists $80. Hobby stores can get it in red, chrome, or silver. Kyosho also makes the phenomenal 1/12 scale Z8 sold by BMW dealers [with operational soft top and center console containing sunglasses], but if you want it with the James Bond rocket launchers, you must buy it from your local hobby store.).

Minichamps North America's site shows few of its models; offers its catalog for sale. Minichamps, unquestionably one of the best diecast manufacturers in the world, makes many of the diecasts sold by BMW.

Revell has 1:24 scale plastic model kits of BMW Z8 (85-2332) and BMW's new MINI Cooper (85-2995). Send an email to for new product updates to be sent to your email address.

Diecast maker AutoArt manufactures 4 Range Rovers in 1/18 & 4 in 1/43. I saw a 1/18 AutoArt long-tailed McLaren F1 GTR at the Atlanta Auto Show, but, for some reason, I do not find it on AutoArt's web site.

Herpa makes 81 BMW diecasts, 6 Minis (listed under Rover) -- one (740i) in 1/43 and the rest 1/87 or smaller.

Diecast maker Schylling's offerings include DCBMW-BMW Isetta ("One of the first micro-cars from the 50's, our die cast model comes complete with pull back motor. Assorted. 2.25" length.").

Diecast manufacturer Maisto's site pictures 12 BMWs, including a 1:18 diecast Z8, a 325i convertible, and the #15 BMW V12 LMR that won Le Mans in 1999 -- with detailed engine. Also a 1:24 Z8. Also motorcycles in 1:18 -- R1 1100RT-P, R1200C, R1100RS, & R1100R.

Exoto makes no BMW-related diecasts yet, but I am trying to persuade the firm to manufacture the McLaren F1 and F1 GTR. The company's lines include Racing Legends (including an award-winning Cobra Daytona Coupe and Corvette Grand Sport), Grand Prix Classics, ThunderTrac (GM Hummer, both military and civilian -- one of which has a Bush-Cheney sticker and Florida tag CHAD4U), and First Heat Trans Am Collection. Mostly 1/18.

While the BMW Lifestyle Catalog includes the three James Bond BMWs in 1/87 scale diecast, Corgi offers The Definitive James Bond Collection -- the entire set of ten Bond cars from the original Aston Martin DB5 though the Z8 (plus the gyrocopter, but apparently not the BMW motorcycle) in 1/43 and 1/36 scale -- all with "Bond Gadget" features. Corgi also offers 3" tall Bond-character diecast figurines; the 2CV with Bond from For Your Eyes Only; the Stromberg helicopter with Naomi figure from The Spy Who Loved Me; Mr. Bean with his Mini; the Mini, driver figure, and gold bars from The Italian Job; and a host of racing Minis.

Concentrating mostly on 1/24 scale, Franklin Mint manufactures superior diecasts, rivaling or besting Kyosho, Minichamps/Paul's Model Art, and Exoto. Franklin has a beautiful 1/10 scale 1957 BMW R-50 Motorcycle with detachable Steib Sidecar listed under "Fire Engines, Big Rigs, & More." Unfortunately, the only BMW-related cars offered on this manufacturer's web site are a couple of Minis and a dozen Rolls Royces, including the classic 1907 Silver Shadow in 1/43, 1/24, and 1/12. Of course, Franklin Mint does make the phenomenal 1/8 scale 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen (the world's first car) -- rolling the model causes the drive belt to turn the flywheel and, therefore, the piston rod to move the piston.

Danbury Mint's 1/24 diecasts are close to Franklin Mint standards. Danbury offers no BMWs, but it does have a delightful James Bond Aston Martin with working ejector seat, license plates that rotate to display three different numbers, and more. No web site. Get free catalog by calling toll-free number: 1-800-493-2934 

Diecast Model Car Retailers

PhillyMint Diecast Model Cars offers Franklin Mint diecasts, including a 1/8 scale 1957 BMW R-50 motorcycle & sidecar (discounted from $195 to $159), a 1905 Rolls "Little Sue" in 1/16, and 8 Roll Royces in 1/24 (stretching from a 1907 Silver Ghost [marked down from $135 to $95] to a 1998 Silver Seraph [discounted from $135 to $105]). The 1/8 scale Franklin Mint 1886 Benz is slashed from $195 to $115. Vinny will do you right.

If you access Franklin Mint's web site through the Diecast Zone's site, that diecast collector's group gets credit for whatever you order off Franklin Mint's web site.

Diecast Zone includes 4-day online auctions of diecast models & automobilia. A few days ago, the auction included a 1/24 scale Schuco 1957 BMW 502 taxi.

BMW Lifestyle Catalog, including miniature diecasts -- now includes Kyosho's 1/12 scale BMW Z8 and a 1/43 scale M5 (80 42 9 423 088) with opening doors, hood, and trunk. The web site pictures a new 1/18 scale BMW V12 LMR with detailed engine in two spots (both backordered). Although the #15 car is pictured in both spots, 80 43 9 418 135 is the #15 car that won the 1999 Le Mans, and 80 43 9 418 136 is really the #17 car that placed 24th although codriven by Lehto, who won Le Mans in 1995 in the BMW-powered #59 McLaren F1 GTR. is a retailer with 12 BMWs including a Minichamps 1/43 Z8 with opening hood, two Minichamps 1/43 McLaren F1 GTR Gulfs, one AutoArt 1/18 Range Rover -- some pictured.

Exoticar is an on-line retailer of diecast models with photos of most offerings, including 60 BMWs, 6 Minis, McLaren F1 GTRs, 3 McLaren F1 roadcars, 4 Land Rovers, 1 Range Rover -- and a good search engine.

Legacy Motors, an on-line retailer of diecast models with photos of most offerings, including 43 BMWs, 4 Range Rovers, 5 McLaren F1 GTRs, 1 McLaren F1 roadcar -- with a good search engine.

Yahoo has an on-line auction that often includes dozens of BMW diecasts. One feature of Yahoo & eBay auctions I especially like is the comments summary that lists, for each seller's sales during previous six months, how each buyer has rated his buying experience. Yahoo typically lists dozens of BMW, Mini, McLaren, Land Rover, and Rolls Royce diecasts. Follow the trail Auctions > Toys, Games, & Hobbies > Automotive > Diecast.

eBay lists many hundreds of diecast BMWs, McLaren coupes, Minis, Range Rovers, & Rolls Royces. Follow the path Top > Toys & Hobbies > Diecast.

On Amazon recently I found 3 BMW diecasts & a McLaren F1 coupe poster; also lots of hits for "Mini", "Rolls", and "Rover," but none of those related to car diecasts.

Rare Model Cars has just what you need if you are tired of paying less than $500 for a single diecast.

Asheville Diecast, retailer of inexpensive brands, has 38 BMW cars including the James Bond Z3, 9 BMW cycles, 4 McLaren F1 coupes, 21 Land Rovers, 3 Range Rovers, 11 Minis, & 4 Rolls Royces.

Sport Craft Miniatures has these Minichamps 1/18 BMWs: '71 3.0 CSL Silver, '76 CSL 3.5 IMSA (Winner Daytona 24hr), four M1s, Bennetton BMW B186 T.Fabi, Bennetton BMW B186 T.Fabi, Brabham BMW BT52 N.Piquet 1983 Champion, Brabham BMW BT52 Patrese, two FW22s, two FW21s, an FW20. They have these Minichamps 1/43 BMWs: an '88 635 CSI AC Schnitzer DTM8, four FW22s, an FW20, V12 LMR Stuck/Soper/Kristensen LeMans 1998, BMW V12 LMR Winkelhock/Martini/Cecotto LeMans 1998, 320i STW 97 Winkelhock #6, M3 - J.M. Martin - Limited Edition, Z8 Black, ST 1600/2 Sedan White, Z3 2.8 Convertible 97 Red, Z3 Conv. Black 1997. In addition, click on Garage Sale to find discounts on several discontinued 1/43 Minichamps & Solido BMWs. Sport Craft Miniatures also offers Kyosho's 1/12 BMW Z8 James Bond, 1/18 Z8 Red & V12 LMR '99 Sebring #42; an AutoArt Land Rover, the Onyx Sebring & Le Mans winning V12 LMRs; a UT E36 M3 German police car & 5 UT McLaren F1 GTRs, 2 1/18 Anson 2002s, 17 BMW plastic model kits, & a Scalextric BMW 320i Original Teile Fina #9 slot car. I was struck by a couple of items not related to BMW: 1) the Kennedy Limousine Parade Vehicle with figurines of President & Mrs Kennedy, Governor Connolly, and the others in the Continental convertible (on the Minichamps Street page near the 1/43 black Z8); 2) a NYC Chevy taxi with a Sport Craft Miniatures sign on the top reading "Cancer Country," a rebuttal to a Marlboro ad (found just below the listing of 35 in-stock UT Models BMWs). Every page of this site has an index on the left side, but it really needs a search engine.

Classic Jack specializes in Schuco diecasts, offering such 1/43 BMWs as a McLaren F1 GTR for $14.99 (shipping included in all prices!), 6 different 1/43 Dixi models, 6 502s, a 501 & a 503, 6 prewar 328s, 3 315/1s, 5 Isettas including a racing version, a 2002, 2 507s, 9 Minis, and more. Classic Jack's 1/24 Schuco BMWs, though, are limited to 3 502s -- including a taxi and a fire chief car. 1/18 Schucos are limited to 3 windup 327s. They have a vintage Examico 4001, which resembles a Piccolo prewar 328; the windup model has 4 forward gears, reverse, & neutral. Classic Jack's Herpa diecasts include a couple dozen 1/87 racing 320i & M3 models & 9 BMW road cars. Also Gama, Minichamps, Solido, and others.

Piccolo World is part of Classic Jack. Piccolos are vintage cartoon-like cars made by Schuco. They have 9 Isettas including a police car, several 502s, a 507, 9 Minis, and an R27 motorcycle.

A search of Kevin's Hobbies' site yields listings for 287 BMW cars, BMW cycles, and McLaren/BMWs; 20 Minis; 12 Rovers; & 17 Rolls Royces.

DSC SHOWCASES is an English retailer for not only marvelous display cases but also pre-owned Minichamps, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, and Creative Masters diecasts. Some items listed in both US dollars & British pounds; also a monetary conversion formula is posted. I have ordered one car and one display case.

Fox Model Cars apparently sells the Danbury Mint collection online. In addition, Fox has 2 BMWs & several Minis, Range Rovers, Bentleys, and Rolls Royces. And hundreds of Ferraris and even more Alfa Romeos. 

Tower Hobbies sells 48 BMW ddiecasts by UT Models (including 1/18 Bond Z3), Revell, Maisto ,Matchbox, Kyosho (including the 1/12 Bond Z8), Hot Wheels, Bburago, & Anson (including 1/18 2002). Also 7 Minis by Bburago & Kyosho; 20 Rovers by Eagle, Matchbox, & Bburago. 

Raceway Studios mislables many McLaren F1s as GT 1. Sells BMW E36 3 Series Cabrio Metalic Black, 1/18 scale by UT Models for $16.95. Lists UT 1992 328i Coupe in silver for same price. 1/18 & 1/43 Minichamps FW23s in stock; 1/18 Mattel FW23 preorder. 

Diecast Country has 26 BMW cars (including a white 2002 and a red 2002), 1 BMW cycle, 1 McLaren F1 GTR coupe, 1 Mini, & 3 Rovers.

Time Machine Hobbies & Collectibles has 2 UT BMWs.

Diecast Domain has 11 BMWs including orange 2002. specializes in Formula One cars, including many BMW.WilliamsF1 and Benneton/BMW cars from Minichamps, Hot Wheels, and others; also has a few motorcycles and road cars, including BMWs; all prices in British Pounds Sterling.

Model Car Zone pictures and offers only Maisto diecast cars for sale -- including BMW Z8 in silver or red, 1993 BMW 325i convertible in light purple, and BMW V12 LMR Le Mans winner #15.

Outbound Connection's site includes no photos, but does sell 9 BMWs, 1 Mini, and 1 McLaren F1 coupe.

Tower Hobbies offers 6 BMWs (including something called Matchbox 92427 BMW 650 Box -- is that a motorcycle?), 3 McLaren F1 coupes, 6 Minis, and 14 Rovers.

S&M has 12 BMWs, 6 McLaren coupes, & 1 Range Rover.

Scala 43 modelcars especially BMW 2002 racing 1 / 43 + 1 / 24.

Portuguese company that has Quartzo diecast model QWC017 BRABHAM-BMW BT52 with 1983 World Champion Nelson Piquet on winner's podium, SKC008 MINI COOPER "BMH" T.Dron Rallye de Monte Carlo 1997, MORRIS MINI COOPER "S" P.Hopkirk - winner Rallye de Monte Carlo 1964, 3 Mini Mokes, 3 BMW V12 LMRs, 8 BMW M1s, 3 BMW 320s, & 1 Range Rover (site works better using Netscape).

DieCast Alley has 1/43 Schuco Dixi 3/15 and prewar racing 328, a UT Models M Roadster, 2 Kyosho Z8s and 1 X5, a Matchbox Premier 850i, 2 Schuco Mini Coopers (and one from Hot Wheels for $3) -- and, for $2.50 a Siku BMW R 1100 RS. sells 45 UT Models BMWs, 7 UT Models McLaren F1 coupes, 2Anson 2002s, 2 Anson X5s, the AutoArt Aston Martin DB5 James Bond Edition, Lotus Esprit James Bond "For Your Eyes Only" Special Edition, Lotus Esprit TYPE 79 James Bond "The Spy Who Loved Me", 8 AutoArt Range Rovers, 8 Eagle Land Rovers, 9 Kyosho BMWs including the 1/12 scale Bond, 5 Maisto BMWs, 2 New Ray BMW motorcycles, 4 remote controlled BMWs, 1 remote controlled McLaren F1 GTR, 2 Road Legends prewar 328s & 2 Road Legends BMW cycles, 3 Unique Replicas BMW bikes, & 4 Welly BMWs.

The Motor Pool carries die-cast military vehicles from Solido, Verem, Tank Museum, Gaso.Line, ProKit, Corgi, Minichamps, Gate, A Models, Yat Ming, RIO, and Armour Collection; and civilian vehicles from Minichamps, Rextoys, Collector's Classics, UT Models, Gate, Corgi, Quiralu, Eligor, Vitesse, and Top Model. Includes Kennedy limo and preorder LBJ limo.

Mike's Racing and Diecast sells a handful of BMWs and McLaren coupes by UT, Maisto, & Revell: 

Collectiques offers Minichamps, Corgi, and other BMW (cars & motorcycles) and MINIs.

EWACARS offers dozens of BMWs made by Minichamps and others.

Prestige Hobbies has 6 BMW diecasts, including Anson 2002tii for $19.99 & Kyosho 1/12 Z8 for $379.99. In addition,the Maisto McLaren F1 Coupe goes for $19.99. Panoz is listed as a European car. I have heard of cities annexing nearby neighborhoods, but this is the first I had heard of any European city or country annexing part of Georgia, USA.

Replicarz has 1/43 Onyx BMW Sebring Winner 99 #42, BMW LMR ALMS Vegas #43, BMW LMR ALMS Vegas #43, BMW LMR V12 LM'99 #17, V12 LMR '99 Test Car, BMW LMR V12 LM'99 #17; also a 1:43 BMW LMR V12 LM winner '99; 1/18 Minichamps BMW F650 Enduro Bike, '97 BMW R1100S Motorbike, BMW Motorbike F650 St. '96 Flame red; 1/43 Minichamps 2000 BMW X5 SUV Black; BMW Z8 Cabrio '99 Dk. Met; 1/18 & 1/43 Mattel F-1 Will.'00 R. Schumacher & F-1 Will.'00 J.Button; several 1/18 AutoArt Range Rovers & James Bond cars; three 1/43 AutoArt Range Rovers; two 1/10 Guiloy 1:10 BMW R1100s (light blue & red). Under Kyosho, Replicarz has the 1/12 James Bond Z8 for $299, a couple of the above-mentioned V12 LMRs, two Z8s (red/silver), and an X5. The Maisto section includes three 1/18 McLaren F1 coupes; Minichamps 1:43 '73 BMW 2002 Turbo White; Quartzo 1:43 Brabham/BMW BT50 N. Piquet'82; Tamiya 1/20 Brabham/BMW BT50 plastic kit. It's hard to find many items on this site because some items are split among 3 or more categories. But I have ordered two bargains and one hard-to-find item from Replicarz:

Endless Hobbies carries 1/18 UT Models 007 BMW Z3, 1/36 Corgi 007 Z3 & Z8, and 13 other James Bond diecasts. Also 3 1/18 Kyosho BMWs.

Quarter Mile Muscle Diecast Collectibles buys diecasts.

The Old Toy Shop is selling an old Schuco Clockwork 1072 BMW F2 Mint with original Box for 110 GB Pounds, which in US dollars is exactly $awholelottamoney. One sold on eBay recently for $174. My family had two of those toys when we lived in France. If only I had kept one....

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