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The M62 is BMW's powerful 4.4-liter V-8 engine, replacing the M60. Also available as a 3.5-liter, the M62 is used in BMW models like the E39 5 Series Sedan, the E38 7 Series, the E31 8 Series and the X5 SAV.

A further stage in the development of the BMW V-8 engine went into production in 1996. The main aims of this iteration were a reduction in fuel consumption, a decrease in noise emissions and an increase in torque. To these ends, the displacements of the two versions were increased to 3.5 liters and 4.4 liters. The output of the smaller engine rose to 235 bhp while that of the larger one remained the same.

In order to reduce internal friction and thus fuel concumption, as well as noise, single-row (simplex) timing chains were introduced and the inertia of the valve gear was reduced. In order to provide an operating temperature that was optimal at all times, the thermostat was now controlled depending on the engine's operating condition ("map-controlled thermostat").

In 1998 the V-8 engine was given the VANOS variable cam timing system. This led to a further increase torque for both engines and an extra 10 bhp for the 3.5-liter engine. In addition, it provided reductions in both exhause emissions and fuel consumption in the lower load range.

source: Geschichte des Motors, Dr. Karlheinz Lange

Engine Codes  Engine Specifications
Item/Measurement M62B35 M62B44 M62B35 M62B44
Vehicle 735i, 535i 740i, 540i 735i, 535i 740i, 540i
Number of Cylinders 8 8 8 8
Layout vee 90 vee 90 vee 90 vee 90
Installation longitudinal longitudinal longitudinal longitudinal
Coolant liquid liquid liquid liquid
Crankcase/Block Material aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum
Crankshaft one-piece one-piece one-piece one-piece
Main Bearings 5 5 5 5
Weight (kg) 219 219 221 221
Valve Layout dohc dohc dohc dohc
Camshaft Drive 2 simplex chains 2 simplex chains 2 simplex chains 2 simplex chains
Camshaft Bearings 5 each 5 each 5 each 5 each
Valves per Cylinder 4 4 4 4
Cylinder Center Distance (mm) 98 98 98 98
Displacement (liters) 3.498 4.398 3.498 4.398
Bore/Stroke (mm) 84/78.9 92/82.7 84/78.9 92/82.7
Stroke/Bore Ratio 0.94 0.90 0.94 0.90
Piston Speed (ms) 15.0 15.7 15.3 14.9
Valve Timing (IO/IC) 12°btdc/46°abdc 8°btdc/50°abdc 4°atdc/62°abdc 4°atdc/62°abdc
(EO/EC) 42°bbdc/6°atdc 42°bbdc/6°atdc 31°bbdc/17°atdc 38°bbdc/10°atdc
At Valve Lift (mm) ER-ER ER-ER ER-ER ER-ER
Valve Lift I/E (mm) 9.0/9.0 9.0/9.0 9.0/9.0 9.0/9.0
Connecting Rod Length (mm) 143 143 143 143
Connecting Rod Ratio r/l 0.28 0.29 0.28 0.29
Compression Ratio 10.0:1 10.0:1 10.0:1 10.0:1
Fuel Norm-Sup Plus LF Norm-Sup Plus LF Norm-Sup Plus LF Norm-Sup Plus LF
Power Output (bhp@rpm) 235/5700 286/5700 245/5800 286/5400
Power per Liter (bhp/liter) 67.18 65.03 70.04 65.03
Power/Weight Ratio (kg/bhp) 0.93 0.77 0.90 0.77
Torque (mkg@rpm) 32.6/3300 42.8/3900 35.2/3800 44.9/3600
Torque per Liter (mkg/liter) 9.33 9.73 10.05 10.2
Mixture Preparation fuel injection fuel injection fuel injection fuel injection
 Maker Bosch Bosch Bosch Bosch
 Designation DME M5.2 DME M5.2 DME M7.2 DME M7.2
Ignition integrated integrated integrated integrated
Ignition Advance map map map map
Generator - - - -
Supercharging - - FCG FCG
Miscellaneous KD KD VANOS, KD VANOS, KD
Year of Introduction 1996 1996 1998 1998

source: Geschichte des Motors, Dr. Karlheinz Lange



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