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There are more 4-cylinder engines than any other engine type in the world. BMW's 4-cylinders are smooth and powerful. You can learn about yours here!




BMW models with 4 cylinder engines include:


MINI engines. The new MINI is powered by the four-cylinder, 1.6-liter "Pentagon" basic engine, which was developed jointly by BMW and Chrysler.

E36 M3

The E36 3 Series M40 1.8 and M43 1.6 are belt driven 8 valve units with cam belt drive. They are reliable and capable with few problems. The newer M42/44 1.8 and 1.9 16 valve units are a nice revving engine with a sporty character.

BMW E30 M3

Designed by the legendary Paul Rosche, the S14 engine used in the E30 M3 was constructed with an M10 bottom end, an M1/M635 CSi DOHC cylinder head with two cylinders cut off (how Roche built the first one) and four throttle bodies.

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Baron Alex von Falkenhausen designed the M10 engine. A classic in design, the New Class engine was a high-revving 4-cylinder, single overhead cam powerplant with an all-aluminum cylinder head.



N72 Engine Series

Motor cc




Years Vehicle
N42B18 1796 116@5500 175@3750 Bosch DME ME9.2 2001 E46/316i, E46/316ti
N42B20 1995 143@6000 200@3750 Bosch DME ME9.2 2001 E46/318i, E46/318ti

M40 Engine Series






Year Vehicle
M40B18 1796 115@5500 165@4250 Bosch M1.3 1987 E30/318i
M40B18 Kat 1796 113@5500 162@4250 Bosch M1.3 1987 E30/318i, E34/518i
M40B16 1596 102@5500 143@4250 Bosch M1.3 1988 E30/316i
M40B16 Kat 1596 100@5500 141@4250 Bosch M1.3 1988 E30/316i
M42B18 1796 136@6000 172@4600 Bosch M1.7 1989 E30/318iS
M40B16 Kat 1596 100@5500 141@4250 Bosch M1.7 1991 E36/316i
M40B18 Kat 1796 113@5500 162@4250 Bosch M1.7 1991 E36/318i, E34/518i
M42B18 1796 140@6000 175@4500 Bosch M1.7 1992 E36/318iS, 318ti
M43B16 1596 102@5500 150@3900 Bosch M1.7.1 1993 E36/316i
M43B18 1796 115@5500 168@3900 Bosch M1.7.1 1993 E36/318i, Z3, E34/518i
M44B19 1895 140@6000 180@4300 Bosch M5.2 1995 E36/318iS, 318ti, Z3
M43B19 1895 118@5500 180@3900 BMW BMS 46 1998 E46/318i
M43B19 1895 105@5300 165@2500 BMW BMS 46 1999 E36/316i compact, E46/316i



MINI engines have 4-cylinders.

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Engine Technology:

Engine Cleaning. Be careful with your BMW 4-cylinder engine.

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