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New BMW Plant

arrowBMW Wins Approval for China Joint Venture
Date: July 14, 2002

BMW has gained a foothold in China's potentially huge market when it obtained government permission to go ahead with a production joint venture with its local partner Brilliance, China’s largest minibus maker. BMW selected Brilliance at its local partner from 15 potential candidates. The approval will mark BMW's first venture into full production in Asia, where it currently has only "completely knocked down" production units which make cars from kits. The companies said they would build a factory to produce 30,000 BMW 3 and 5 series cars a year, starting in the second half of 2003. BMW said the cars would all be sold in China.


Making the Z8

Munich Plant

Separate from the Group Headquarters that masterminds the worldwide activities of the BMW Group as well as the FIZ Research and Innovation Centre, BMW’s original plant is also based in Munich. Some 11,000 associates from more than 50 countries assemble the BMW Z8 and build the sedan and compact versions of the 3 Series, 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder power units and the high performance engines featured in BMW M Cars, as well as the 8-cylinder diesel. The Munich Plant also supplies dies and pressed parts to other BMW locations.

Dingolfing Plant

Dingolfing builds the 3, 5 and 7 Series from the ground up; that is from the original steel plates all the way to the finished vehicle. More than 1,200 cars leave the plant every day. With its workforce of approximately 21,500 associates, Dingolfing is the largest car production plant within the BMW Group. The high standard of flexibility and manufacturing skill to be found here is borne out, amongst others, by the production of the most outstanding cars in small, exclusive series such as the BMW M5, as well as special vehicles built for specific purposes, and by the production in Dingolfing of the aluminum body for the BMW Z8. Dingolfing also makes chassis and powertrain components for all other BMW car plants as well as ancillaries and pressed components for the Munich and Regensburg.

Regensburg Plant

Using parts and components from all other BMW plants, Regensburg builds approximately 220,000 3 Series each year. Apart from the 3 Series compact, the coupé, convertible, touring and sedan, Regensburg also builds the various models of the M3 and the four wheel-drive versions of the 3 Series. The press shop in Regensburg delivers body components for the 3 Series to BMW’s other car production plants. The total workforce in Regensburg is nearly 9,500 associates.

Landshut Plant

With its Innovation and Technology Centre for lightweight automotive construction and the production of car components, the Landshut Plant is a major player within the BMW Group’s worldwide technology and production network. Acting as a partner and system supplier for the other plants, Landshut supplies essential parts and components such as cylinder heads, the crankcase, bumpers, cockpits and propeller shafts to the BMW Group’s car production plants, as well as the motorcycle plant in Berlin.

Wackersdorf Innovation Park

A BMW production site since 1990, the Wackersdorf Innovation Park, acting as an internal supplier together with 11 external suppliers, cooperates closely in the production of vehicle components primarily for the interior, the engine compartment and underfloor of the new BMW 3 Series. Service partners as well as BMW’s Supply Centre for Foreign Production are also based in Wackersdorf.

Eisenach Plant

Famous for its great tradition in the world of German automobiles, Eisenach is the home of one of the BMW Group’s production facilities for tools, dies and molds, developing and manufacturing, amongst others, the metalworking tools for the pressing plants within the production network.

BMW Leipzig Plant
Artist's concept of the Leipzig Plant

Leipzig/Halle Plant

Starting in 2005, the Leipzig/Halle Plant will build approximately 155,000 BMWs a year after the initial ramp-up phase. In all, the BMW Group is creating approximately 10,000 new jobs in the Leipzig/Halle region - 5,500 jobs at the plant itself and approximately the same number in the surrounding area.

Berlin Plant

At BMW’s only motorcycle plant in the world, associates build the entire range of BMW motorcycles for the market: the single-cylinder F Series as well as the flat-twin R Series and the K Series with its straight-four power unit. Acting as part of the Group-wide production network, the Berlin Plant also builds components for the worldwide production of BMW cars.

Steyr Plant

The BMW Group’s largest engine plant is in the Upper Austrian town of Steyr, responsible for the production of four- and six-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines. Steyr is also acknowledged as the competence center for the development and production of diesel engines. Supplying BMW’s car production and engine plants with its products and processing other engine components from sister plants in Landshut, Munich or Berlin, Steyr plays an active part within the BMW production network.

Hams Hall Plant

The Hams Hall Plant near Birmingham builds gasoline engines between 1.6 and 2.0 liters. The Group’s new plant in Great Britain is the competence center within the network for the production of an all-new generation of four-cylinder gasoline engines featuring VALVETRONIC technology.

Oxford Plant

The Oxford Plant in Great Britain holds a special position within the BMW Group, being the Group’s only car production plant responsible for production of the new MINI. The historical home of the unique MINI brand, the Oxford Plant is nevertheless fully integrated within the BMW Group’s production network.

Spartanburg Plant

BMW’s car production plant near Spartanburg in South Carolina, USA, started production for the world market in 1994. Due to the great success of the BMW Z3, the Spartanburg Plant was soon enlarged to meet substantial demand from customers. Today Spartanburg also builds the BMW X5, the world’s first sports activity vehicle. Facing the need to increase production capacity as a result, the Spartanburg Plant has established an additional production line in the body shop and in assembly. A further advantage of this production plant in the USA is that the BMW Group is less affected by fluctuations in exchange rates.

Rosslyn Plant

BMW’s South African plant in Rosslyn (near Pretoria) builds more than 40,000 BMW 3 Series a year, many of which are exported to the USA, Japan, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Initially conceived as a CKD plant for assembling kits, the Rosslyn Plant completed expansion in 1998, becoming a fully-fledged car production plant firmly integrated within the Group’s production network. Receiving the international ISO 14001 Ecology Certificate in 1999, Rosslyn now guarantees that all BMW Group plants not only offer the highest standard of quality, but also comply in full with the strictest environmental requirements.

Goodwood Plant

Starting in 2003, Rolls-Royce cars will be built at Goodwood in the Chichester region of Great Britain, employing some 350 associates in Development, Design, Production, Marketing and Sales. Currently in the planning phase, this new plant will have an annual production output of approximately 1,000 Rolls-Royce sedans, an entirely new model from the ground up.

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