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Together with Sirius, BMW offers customers the latest in radio technology, providing an unparalleled selection of commercial-free music, plus a full range of news, sports, talk, and entertainment on 100 channels with CD-like quality.



Sirius Satellite Radio strikes a deal with BMW

courtesy Automotive News
Posted Date: 10/27/04

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. is plugged in to BMW of North America LLC. The broadcaster said Tuesday that its radios with commercial-free programming will be offered as a factory-installed option on the 2006 BMW 3 Series.

The satellite radio will have a suggested price of $595 for BMW, and customers will get one year of free service. Sirius normally charges about $12.95 per month for the service.

Sirius has beefed up its programming recently to add subscribers by signing a $500 million deal with controversial radio personality Howard Stern.

Sirius satellite radios are now available on the 2005 BMW 5 and 7 Series sedans and 6 Series coupe. The 2006 BMW 3 series is set to go on sale next summer.


Satellite Radio

Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music coast to coast, no matter your location in the United States! Satellite radio achieves this by beaming unique programming to satellites orbiting the earth, which in turn broadcast music, talk, news and entertainment audio across the US to vehicles equipped with satellite receivers. Ground repeaters are used in some urban and mountainous areas, where satellite signals could be interrupted. In addition to being able to listen to the same channel from coast-to-coast, satellite radio offers state-of-the-art, CD-like audio quality, for sharp, clear, rich sound.

From its three satellites orbiting directly over the U.S., Sirius broadcasts 100 channels of digital quality radio to motorists throughout the continental United States for a monthly subscription of just $12.95. Sirius delivers 60 original channels of completely commercial-free music in virtually every genre, and 40 world-class sports, news and entertainment channels. Sirius is located in New York City, with the most sophisticated digital broadcasting facility of its type in the world, with a digital library that will contain over two million musical recordings.

To become familiar with Sirius Satellite Radio programming, go to where you can listen to Sirius programming live, by clicking on the "Listen Now" icon.



Here is a listing of current Sirius Programming. New features are constantly being added:

60 Commercial-Free Channels

• Pop Top 40 Hits • Adult Contemporary • Alt Pop Mix • Love Songs • 50s/60s Hits • 70s Hits • 80s Hits • 90s Hits • Rock Rock Hits • Soft Rock • Eclectic Rock • Modern Rock • Mainstream Rock • Classic Rock I & II • Classic Alternative • Alternative I & II Hard Rock • Country Country Hits • Today’s Country • Country Mix • Classic Country Alt Country • Bluegrass • R&B/Urban R&B Hits • Today’s R&B • Soul Ballads • Classic Soul • R&B Oldies Rap Hits • Today’s Rap • Classic Rap • Dance Dance Hits • Mainstream Dance • Electronica • Disco • Jazz & Classic Jazz • Latin Jazz • Contemporary Jazz • Smooth Jazz Standards Standards • Swing • Broadway’s Best • Latin Latin Hits • Latin Pop Mix • Rock en Espanol • Mexicana • Tejano • Classical Symphonic • Chamber Works • Classical Voices • Variety Blues • Reggae • Gospel • Christian Hits • World Music • New Age Kids • Specialty Showcase

40 News, Sports, Talk, and Entertainment Channels

ESPN • Radio Disney • ABC NewsTalk • A&E • E! Entertainment •CNN Headline News • BBC • BBC Mundo • Bloomberg • CNBC • CSpan • Court-TV • Discovery Radio • Fox News • Hispanic Radio Network • House of Blues • National Public Radio • Kennedy Center/National Symphony Orchestra • Midnight Cowboy Trucking Show • League of American Theatres and Producers • National Lampoon • OLN Adventure Radio • Playbill • Personal Achievement Radio • Public Radio International • Radio Classics • Sci Fi • Speed Channel • Sports Byline USA • Scandal Channel • Weather Channel • Wisdom Radio • World Cafι • World Radio Network • Trucker Channel • Women’s Talk •Guy Talk • African American Talk • Sirius Arts • Sirius Comedy • Sirius Entertainment • Real Sirius



To receive Sirius Satellite Radio in a BMW, three main components are needed:

  1. Activated Sirius Satellite Receiver,
  2. Satellite Antenna, and
  3. Sirius Compatible Audio System

(see "Sirius Satellite Radio Compatibility Chart" later in this bulletin for audio system compatibility information.)

The Satellite Receiver is a module that mounts in the rear of the vehicle. The receiver is unique to BMW and specifically designed to work only with Sirius Satellite Radio technology, integrating seamlessly into the BMW bus system. The receiver module deciphers the satellite signal and converts it into an audio signal that is then sent to the vehicle's audio system. The receiver will have a test channel to make sure the receiver is functioning. The receiver must be activated to receive complete Sirius programming. The BMW center activates the receiver via BMW CenterNet or a call center.

The Satellite Antenna mounts on the roof on most models, and on the trunk of others. Due to the technology of satellite radio transmissions, the antenna must be on a metal surface of a predefined area. The antenna cannot be mounted on vertical or glass surfaces. If the antenna is not mounted in the BMW-approved location, customers may experience a significant decrease in reception quality.

Once the satellite radio receiver and its components have been installed and
activated, selecting Sirius on the radio display is easy. Use the "Mode" button to select the satellite radio mode (example: AM/FM/CD/ or Sirius Satellite Radio.) Like FM or AM radio, you can scan and set presets with Sirius. The radio display can show the channel name, channel number, artist, and song title. Many current BMW vehicles ARE NOT compatible with Sirius receiver technology. Production changes have been implemented in MY2003 so that vehicles will be compatible with an accessory installation. Retrofitting earlier models will be possible on most vehicles with an in-dash CD radio from vehicle production start 9/01. To be compatible, these vehicles will require replacement of the original radio. Satellite Radio from BMW will not be compatible with the Z3 roadster/coupe, Z8, and E38 models.

Here is a Sirius Satellite Radio Compatibility Chart:

Sirius Compatible Models Vehicle Production Dates
E46 4dr Sedan with In-dash CD and without navigation 9/2002 - On
E46 2dr Coupe with In-dash CD and without navigation 9/2002 - On
E53 SAV with In-dash CD and without navigation 10/2002 - On
E39 4dr Sedan with In-dash CD and without navigation 9/2002 - On
E46 Sport Wagon/Convertible with In-dash CD and without navigation 9/2002 - On
E39 Touring with In-dash CD and without navigation 9/2002 - On
All E46, E39, E53 with Navigation 3/2003 - On
E85 All 9/2003 - On
E65/E66  E65 vehicles before 3/2003 cannot be made Satellite Radio Compatible. E65 vehicles from 3/2003 to 9/2003 will require a software upgrade to be compatible. 9/2003 - On


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get my favorite FM or AM stations on satellite radio?
A. No, these are special radio channels with expert programmers and known "on-air" personalities. The 60 music channels are 100% commercial free with a wide selection of genres. The additional 40 news, talk, and entertainment stations offer unique programming. Your favorite AM or FM stations can still be heard by selecting FM or AM with the mode button on your radio.

Q. What is the monthly fee for BMW customers?
A. Sirius Satellite Radio will be offered to BMW customers at the standard fee of $12.95 per month, with the first 2 months free (one year commitment required). There will be no activation fee for BMW customers if the receiver is activated at the center.

Q. Is there an annual commitment/contract?
A. There will be a one year initial commitment, with a 60 day service satisfaction guarantee. The hardware will be covered against defects in workmanship or materials for the length of the vehicle warranty, if installed at the time of initial vehicle sale. If installed after the sale of the vehicle, the hardware is covered by the remainder of the vehicle warranty, or one year, whichever is greater. However the hardware cannot be returned for credit or reimbursement if the customer is not satisfied with Sirius Satellite Radio.

Q. What is XM Satellite Radio?
A. XM is a competitor to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Q. What is the difference between XM and Sirius?
A. In short, Sirius Radio is a premium service that offers completely commercial free music on all 60 of their music channels. XM only offers limited commercial free programming. Sirius has 3 satellites in orbit, while XM only has two, resulting in a superior reception for Sirius Radio.

Q. Can I install XM Satellite Radio in my BMW?
A. BMW will only offer Sirius Satellite compatible receivers and will not be compatible with any other satellite radio technology.

Q. Can a Satellite Receiver be installed together with a BMW CD Changer?
A. Yes, the satellite receiver can be installed together with a BMW CD Changer, utilizing an additional adapter cable.

Q: How long will it take to install Sirius hardware and activate the service?
A. Installation time is approximately 1 hour on most models. Activation will take approximately 15 minutes, and will require credit card billing information.

Q. Will satellite radio work with Harman Kardon and/or standard BMW audio systems?
A. Sirius satellite receivers will work with both standard audio systems and Harman Kardon or DSP audio systems.

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