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Connect with music like never before behind the wheel of your BMW 3 Series, and X3 and X5 SAV or Z4 Roadster. With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by Apple and BMW, you can now control your iPod or iPod mini through the existing audio system and multi-function steering wheel. Which means no loss of power. No loss of sound quality. No loss of control.

The BMW iPod adapter can be installed in 2002 or later 3 Series, X3 and X5 SAVs, and Z4 Roadsters.

BMW 3 Series, X3 and X5 SAVs and Z4 Roadster.

Control. Total driving control meets total tune control with your fully integrated BMW iPod adapter. Shift between tracks and up to five BMW playlists and adjust volume without taking your eyes off the road or your ears off the music. Or select “Random” and let the music take you to unexpected places.

BMW iPod Quality. Why settle for anything less than the ultimate sound experience behind the wheel of The Ultimate Driving Machine?

The glovebox iPod adapter cable lets you enjoy your iPod music without the loss of sound quality that occurs with existing cassette and FM transmitter solutions.

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BMW iPod
Experience. Anyone who has driven a BMW, or plugged into an iPod, knows the pleasure that comes from experiencing the perfect marriage of design and technology. Now you can merge your driving and listening pleasures into one seamless sonic experience.

BMW Playlist Setup. To listen to iPod music in your BMW, you can either create up to five unique BMW playlists within iTunes, or choose to listen to your entire library. Once you’ve transferred your BMW playlists to your iPod, just plug your iPod into your glovebox adapter cable, select a playlist and you’re ready to take your tunes on the road.

Only available for model year 2002, 2003 and 2004 BMW3 Series; Z4 Roadster; X3 and X5 SAV. Not available on vehicles with navigation system, CD changer, DSP cassette player or satellite radio. Installation performed by authorized BMW and BMW SAV centers only. Third-generation iPod (software 2.2 or later) or iPod mini (software 1.1 or later)

  The new system developed by Apple and BMW, allows users to incorporate their iPods directly into their car's sound system, enabling them to connect with music in their automobiles like never before. Now, iPod enthusiasts can bring their entire music collections with them, plug directly and effortlessly into a superior sound system while maintaining uncompromised control over their driving experience. The BMW 3 Series, Z4 Roadster, X3 and X5 Sports Activity Vehicles will be able to enjoy the new BMW iPod Adapter.

"Apple and BMW have outpaced the industry around the innovation curve," said Steve Jobs, Apple CEO. "This elegant solution enables auto enthusiasts to carry with them and enjoy their entire music collection everywhere they go, heightening their ultimate driving experience."

"With Apple, we're bringing the ultimate seamless digital music experience to our customers," said Tom Purves, Chairman and CEO, BMW (US) Holding Corp. "The BMW iPod Adapter provides our drivers with virtually endless miles of music without their hands ever leaving the steering wheel."

The seamless integration of iPod makes it effortless for drivers to control their music through their existing audio system and the multifunction steering wheel. The BMW iPod Adapter enables drivers to easily access their entire music library, shuffle songs, skip between tracks and adjust volume -- all of this with no loss of sound quality or driving control. Drivers can also create up to five unique "BMW playlists" to listen to while on the road enabling them to enjoy their favorite songs. The BMW iPod Adapter integrates Apple's iPod and iPod mini through a direct connection in the BMW glovebox, providing outstanding sound quality and constant power to the iPod while the iPod is protected out of view.

Available in both Mac® and Windows versions, iPod and iPod mini work effortlessly with Apple?s iTunes® Music Store*, the world?s number one digital music service, and the iTunes digital music jukebox software for seamlessly buying, managing and listening to digital music collections. iPod is available in a 15GB, 20GB model, and a 40GB model that can hold 10,000 songs. iPod and iPod mini use Apple?s patent pending Auto-Sync technology that automatically downloads an entire digital music library and keeps it up-to-date whenever either unit is plugged into a Mac® or Windows computer.

The new BMW iPod Adapter was developed by engineers at the BMW Technology Office in Palo Alto, CA and Montvale, NJ. Its rollout is being supported with a dedicated website,, as well as a marketing campaign, created by Fallon Worldwide, that includes print, outdoor, online and television advertising and debuts on June 21.

Pricing & Availability

The BMW iPod Adapter is available for the MSRP of $149.00 (US) plus installation cost, and will be officially available for customers to purchase at BMW centers as of July 12, 2004 for 2002, 2003 and 2004 BMW models: X3, X5, Z4 and 3 Series. Consumers should check with their BMW centers for specific application restrictions or log onto Installation is performed by authorized BMW centers only. iPod mini and iPod for Mac and Windows is sold separately, and is available in the U.S. through the Apple Store ( ), Apple?s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. The iPod mini is available for a suggested retail price of $249 (US); the 15GB iPod is available for $299 (US), the 20GB iPod is available for$399 (US), and the 40GB iPod is available for $499 (US). Please visit for additional information.

iPod and MINI

As part of the BMW Group, the MINI brand will also offer the iPod Adaptor to MINI owners. The iPod Adaptor is compatible for all models in the MINI family and will be available at MINI dealers later this summer. As offered on the BMW models, the iPod Adaptor for MINI offers all the same functionality and convenience and will be also installed in the glovebox. The MSRP of the MINI iPod Adaptor will be $149.00 plus installation cost.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.


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