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BMW 320i

"I wanted to use painted lines as a road, pointing the way for the car", says Roy Lichtenstein of his portrayal of the BMW 320i. "The design also shows the scenery through which the car has driven. You could call it a list of all the things a car experiences - the only difference is that this car mirrors all these things even before it takes to the road."

And if you look more closely at Lichtenstein's Art Car, you will recognize reflections of a passing landscape, in which the long stretches of color give an impression of speed. Also noticeable are the typical "Benday dots" - oversized dots which recall Lichtenstein's world-famous comic-strip pictures. In the same year, his BMW Art Car won second place in its class at the 24-hour race at Le Mans.


Roy Lichtenstein Foundation has paintings, drawings, notebooks and sculpture. Read reviews, writings, and a biography of the artist.

Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997) category page from Yahoo.

Roy Lichtenstein: Landscapes in the Chinese Style from an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Web Directory page on Lichtenstein has thumbnails and a nice set of links. In Italian.

Lichtenstein Posters you can buy from Rare Posters. They also have Hockney, Rauschenberg, and Warhol.

Landscape Mobile by Lichtenstein from Artes Magnus.

Top Cat Visual Services has replicas of Roy Lichtenstein art work.


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